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George Stanley at Commercial St. Cafe May 31 for ‘After Desire’ launch


9781554200702-afterdesire-3DAfter Desire, the new book of poems by George Stanley, is now available and being shipped to the last remaining bookstores carrying this sort of thing. It is the San Francisco-born Stanley’s eighth book and his first since Vancouver: A Poem (a finalist for the Dorothy Livesay Prize) came out in 2008.

After Desire consists of four parts. Some of the pieces in the first section, ‘After Desire,’ appeared in an issue of the Capilano Review devoted to Stanley’s work. Two other suites of poems, ‘2005-2011’ and ‘Open Space,’ feature work that has been written since, or during the period when Stanley was writing Vancouver: A Poem. ‘Open Space’ includes ‘West Broadway,’ apparently the first section of a longer, Vancouver: A Poem-style work on Stanley’s Kitsilano neighbourhood. And one section of After Desire, ‘1971,’ presents three poems written not long after Stanley moved to Vancouver that were then lost for forty years.

There will be two opportunities to hear George Stanley read this month. On Tuesday, May 21, at 7:30 pm at the People’s Co-op Bookstore, Stanley will be reading with Phil Hall, whose book Killdeer (published by BookThug) won the Governor-General’s Award for Poetry last year.

The launch for After Desire will be Friday, May 31 at the Commercial Street Cafe. The launch gets underway at 8 pm; admission is free.

The cover of After Desire features a painting by Vancouver artist Mina Totino called Plink, and was designed by Mark Mushet.