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Andrew Struthers: Up-Island in Smoke


Andrew Struthers is, according to the Vancouver Sun, “one of that select band of writers whose minds are bent enough to be interesting but not so bent as to be unintelligible” — i.e., he barely sticks out of the luscious green surf-battered wilds of Vancouver Island’s west coast. Struthers will be heading to his former home next week to read from his new double-sided book The Sacred Herb / The Devil’s Weed, which BC Bookworld called “a raucously British Columbian masterpiece.”


Tuesday, September 26
Jamie’s Rainforest Inn
6pm / 7pm / 8pm
Free admission, books & refreshments available for purchase
facebook event page


Wednesday, September 27
Blackberry Cove Marketplace
Free admission
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Thursday, September 28
Words on Fire (open mic night)
Char’s Landing, 4815 Argyle St.
Thursday, Sep. 28, 7pm
Admission by donation
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