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Andrew Struthers at Shadow Mountain in Victoria, April 7


Andrew Struthers, author of The Sacred Herb / The Devil’s Weed, will be reading from and signing copies of his smokin’ flip-book at Shadow Mountain Dispensary on April 7.

The Sacred Herb / The Devil’s Weed, which was announced as a finalist for the BC Book Prize earlier this month, is a hilarious look at a humble plant that has entertained, inspired, and occasionally terrified so many for so long.  As Leanne Allen from Vulture Culture TV puts it, “Reading Struthers’ writing is like … swimming in jello. And reading his new book The Sacred Herb/The Devil’s Weed is half like that, and half like … floating in mercury.”

Join Struthers for readings and book signing at Shadow Mountain Dispensary, 543 Herald Street, Victoria.  Doors open at (when else?) 4:20 p.m.