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How the Other 99% Live: Anarchy for Anglo Dads


New Star Books has acquired English-language rights to l’Anarchie expliqué à mon pere by Thomas Déri and Francis Dupuis-Déri, published in 2014 by Lux Editeur of Montreal.

Written in the form of a dialogue between father and son (which they are), the authors, professor / writer / editor / translator Thomas Déri and Francis Dupuis-Déri, political science professor at l’Universite de Montreal, sketch some of the foundational ideas giving impetus to resurgent anarchism-inspired political actions that have been making world headlines in recent years. Francis Dupuis-Déri is the author of Who’s Afraid Of the Black Blocs?

The translator is John Gilmore, whose rendition of Bernard Émond‘s novel, 20h17, rue Darling, was published by Guernica Editions in 2014. He is the author of Head of a Man, published by Reality Street Editions of the UK, and Swinging In Paradise: The Story of Jazz in Montreal.

Anarchy Explained to My Father is scheduled for publication in Fall 2017.