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The “Event Horizon Before an Orgasm” :: Donato Mancini News + Events


The cover for LoitersackDonato Mancini, the hardest working loitersack in poetry, fresh off successful events in DC and NYC, is enroute to Seattle to speak to a class at Seattle University and read at a book launch:

Saturday May 23, gallery 1412, with Sarah Dowling and Maged Zaher (fb link)

It appears people are wrapping their heads around his singular brand of poetry, poetics, theory, theory theatre, and laugh particles, as reports back from the swirling deeps of Loitersack are uniformly glowing (and at times a touch baffled).

You can view “ABATTLEHORSEANUDEWOMANANDANANECDOTE” from Loitersack in its 20-page entirety at (the sadly-now-defunct-but-still-available) Lemonhound. Jonathan Ball at the Winnipeg Free Press celebrated National Poetry Month with Loitersack and books by Kathryn Mockler, Gregory Betts, Madhur Anand, and Damian Rogers. The gang at CV2 said Loitersack “is like jumping into a pond of poetic intrigue. … The effect is just as perplexing and just as thrilling as sitting down with the work of a well-loved scholar. The best part of Loitersack is that Donato Mancini makes it fun.” At City I Am, Kevin Spenst talks to Lucie Krajcová about his new book Jabbering With Bing Bong and the wealth of poetic talent in Vancouver, and singles out Mancini and Loitersack as “a work that combines humour and a hell of a lot of thinking.

And finally, in advance of his appearance with Steve Zultanski at the Poetry Project last Monday, Harriet excerpted a few chunks of a long, fascinating, oft-hilarious interview with Mancini by E Martin Nolan at the Puritan, entitled “Put on Your Negative Capability Helmet and Go with It,” in which they discuss Walter Benjamin, the shared language of aesthetic appreciation and condo marketing, “musical architecture,” the poetic influence of The Exorcist, the “event horizon before an orgasm,” and so, so much more. Before you decamp from whatever “vortex of gentrification” you call home this May Two-Four weekend, we highly recommend loading it on your intelligent telephone or printing it out and tucking it in your box of Lucky Lager for an engrossing, head-spinning read.