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Feeling restored, if not rested

The Way We Live Today

This is what a small publishing company looks like in storage.

On a Wednesday in the middle of May, a truck from Phoenix Restoration showed up at New Star’s alleyway entrance with the office contents they had taken away in the days after our March 7 fire: a dozen pieces of furniture, and somewhere between 600 and 700 cardboard cartons which contained everything that was not destroyed in the fire.

Since the fire we had  been able to carry out many functions of a publishing company, but for two months we were unable to fulfill some orders because the entire stock of some titles was lodged in the restoration company’s warehouse. So the first order of business has been to restore our shipping functions. This has now been done. New Star is back to turning orders around in 24 to 48 hours. Thanks to all our customers for your patience during that stretch.

A benefit held on Saturday, March 31 at the Western Front provided a big boost — spiritually as well as financially. We’d like to thank everyone who attended to demonstrate their support for New Star; all the many readers who donated their time and talents; the Western Front, for generously donating their space and time; and to all the readers: Anakana Schofield, Daphne Marlatt, David Chariandy, Donato Mancini, Fred Wah, George Stanley, Jamie Reid, Jacqueline Turner, Jeff Derksen, Judith Williams, Larissa Lai, Peter Culley, Roger Farr, Roy Miki, Steve Collis, MC Charlie Demers, and Clint Burnham, who put the entire enchilada together,