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Galiano Literary Festival, ft. Graeme Truelove (and many more)


Galiano Lit Fest poster

The Galiano Literary Festival runs from Feb. 20th to Feb. 22nd at the spectacular Galiano Oceanfront Inn, on Galiano Island in BC’s Salish Sea, and features workshops, panel discussions, and readings from a raft of fantastic authors from BC and across the country (even as far away as Ottawa…).

On Sunday, Feb. 22nd, Graeme Truelove will read from Svend Robinson: A Life in Politics, from, according to the festival schedule, 10:45am to 11:45pm. Either that’s a typo or he’s going to read the entire book. (If the former, you can snag a copy from the festival’s host, Galiano Island Books.) Svend Robinson: A Life in Politics is Graeme’s first book, and received glowing praise upon its Fall 2013 release.

Graeme Truelove. Photo: Janine Bell

Graeme Truelove. Photo: Janine Bell

Among the other offerings from the festival are workshops by Audrey Thomas and Bill Gaston; a panel discussion with Arno Kopecky, Chris Czajkowski, & Elizabeth May; and readings by John Vaillant, Arleen Pare, Michael Christie, Theodora Armstrong, and of course George Bowering, who will be reading from Mirror on the Floor at 2pm on the Saturday — but if you buttonhole him in the pub later maybe you can tease out a stanza or two from The World, I Guess, his forthcoming book of poems. (Just don’t tell him we sent you.)

Tickets are available for individual events, or attend the entire shebang, including the Friday welcome reception and two lunches, for only $150. Registration details here.