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George Stanley: Rave for ‘After Desire’ in Saturday’s ‘Sun’; launch this Friday


George Stanley‘s new book After Desire was the subject of a glowing review in last Saturday’s Vancouver Sun. You can read it here, unless it’s caught behind the paper`s paywall.

Photo by Mark MushetAfter lamenting the diminished role of poetry in today’s culture, Tom Sandborn calls After Desireausterely musical” and a “small masterpiece.” Stanley writes with “lapidary precision, crafting poems that give a shapely, utterly distinctive voice to the workings of a remarkable mind and sensibility.” And in case you’re not yet persuaded that poetry deserves to re-emerge from the cultural margins, “George Stanley demonstrates that it can still be a powerful, moving experience for the reader and exercise for both the mind and the heart.” We couldn’t agree more.

The book launch for After Desire takes place this coming Friday, May 31, at the Commercial St. Cafe at 20th & Commercial. Admission is free. The event gets underway at 8 pm.