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Greetings from New Star Blogs, the New Star Books weblog


Welcome to New Star Blogs, the weblog associated with Along with the website developments that we’re rolling out this summer, New Star Blogs has been in the works for a while — are people even still blogging? (“Yes, Rolf, people are still blogging.”) We’ll be using this blog to update you on events pertaining to New Star, its books and its authors. New & recently announced books, obviously; author events, reviews, &c.

Stay tuned also for guest posts from New Star authors and friends, who we hope to persuade to contribute entries about their own current projects or maggots.

Many thanks to to Clint Hutzulak, proprietor of Rayola Creative and the research laboratories of, whose site design is a refreshing on-development of his original sturdy design which has served well since 2008; and to Madoka Hara, who performed the many hours of hidden work that makes the site not just look good, but actually work — which is more important, in the scheme of things. David Hathaway, kite flyer supreme (no, I’m not saying you should not accept a cheque from this man) and New Star’s computer tech guy, also spent considerable time on this site, scratching his head & writing & testing & writing & testing scripts for uploading data.

Let us take a moment to acknowledge the other big source of support for this website and the books and authors it presents: the Canadian citizen who pays taxes. None of what you see on this website would exist without the commitment of successive generations of Canadians to support the arts. This here website and blog will keep you informed about how New Star Books is spending its share of that legendary annual latte’s worth of tax funding per head.

While no direct publishing funding has gone into this website enhancement (though its original iteration five years ago was partly funded by a grant from the Canada Council), New Star Books receives support from the Canada Council for the Arts, the BC Arts Council, the Canada Book Fund, and the British Columbia Book Tax Credit, and this support is gratefully acknowledged.