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Holy smoke! The Sacred Herb/The Devil’s Weed is a BC Book Prize finalist


The BC Book Prizes announced its 2018 finalists today.  The list includes Victoria word- and filmsmith Andrew Struthers, finalist for this year’s Hubert Evans Non-Fiction Prize, awarded to the best original work of literary non-fiction published in the previous year.

Woo-hoo!  Although might be fair to point out that the original plan was for The Sacred Herb / The Devil’s Weed to be eligible for last year’s prize.  (This is addressed in the book.)

Struthers is no stranger to book prizes, having never won any, but he did once win a National Magazine Award (remember magazines?) for the original version of The Green Shadow.  He describes that harrowing experience in The Last Voyage of the Loch Ryan.

He is also the author of Around the World on Minimum Wage.  Copies of the profusely corrected second edition of this succes d’estime are still available.