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Literary butt-sniffing: A Series of Dogs makes the rounds


John Armstrong reads at the luanch of A Series of DogsJohn Armstrong‘s new memoir A Series of Dogs has been romping around town making friends, chasing squirrels, and pissing on upright objects like some kind of domesticated urban mammal, maybe a cat or something.

On November 30, Armstrong hopped on a bus from Chilliwack to Vancouver and hammered out an entertaining email interview with Allan MacInnis, then sat down at a dog cafe for a thoughtful and hilarious interview with Lisa Christiansen for CBC Radio One’s On the Coast, before finally heading down to Lanalou’s and, before a rousing performance by The Judys, reading from A Series of Dogs to a by-turns mirthful and lachrymose crowd — though considering it was the end of Vancouver’s traditional fall monsoon season, perhaps it was just raining on their faces.

The emotional rollercoaster of the book is summed up beautifully by Heidi Greco in her Vancouver Sun review:

As with any love story, there’s a fair amount of heartbreak. But don’t think for a minute that there aren’t plenty of good times. After all, this is John Armstrong, a writer who’s pretty much guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

Greco goes on to note Armstrong’s evident literary bona fides, and concludes that A Series of Dogs is “a memorable compendium of philosophy, social commentary, slobbery kisses and love” — i.e., the perfect gift. Ask for A Series of Dogs at bookstores everywhere, or buy it online here.