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Judy Williams in Tsawwassen on February 25


9780921586456-High-Slack-3DlJudy Williams, author of Clam Gardens, Two Wolves at the Dawn of Time, Dynamite Stories, and High Slack, will be giving a talk at the Benediction Lutheran Church in Tsawwassen on Tuesday, February 25.

Williams, who lives on Hornby Island, has written about the collision of European settler culture and the First Nations they encountered here. Her most recent book, Clam Gardens, brings to light the extensive practice of cultivating clams for harvest in “clam gardens”, elaborate rock structures that take advantage of tidal patterns at certain spots in coastal islands and inlets.

Judy’s presentation gets underway at 7:30 pm. The Benediction Lutheran Church is at 5575 6th Avenue in Tsawwassen. The event is being organized by the University Women’s Club of South Delta. Admission is free.