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News You Can Use (To Get Angry): Marc Edge in Conversation


The News We Deserve coverSince Marc Edge‘s last book, Greatly Exaggerated, and indeed during the whole of his 15-year career in academia, the corporate consolidation and American financial raiding of Canada’s media companies has continued unchecked. Journalists are being laid off by the thousands while the Postmedia CEO gets millions in bonuses.

But there is cause for hope: MP Hedy Fry is the latest to convene a parliamentary committee to examine the issue, in part prompted by Edge’s exhortations, as he details in the introduction (PDF) to his new book, The News We Deserve: The Transformation of Canada’s Media Landscape. Let’s hope the Fry report doesn’t go the way of the Davey, Kent, Lincoln, etc. committees….

To help you get and/or stay as informed and angry about what Paul Godfrey and his ilk are doing to a critical Canadian institution, may we recommend two Marc Edge podcasts and two books:

1. Stream or download Edge’s engaging conversation with Joseph Planta at

2. Stream or download Edge’s discussion with Ian Gill and Robert Hackett at The News We Deserve book launch from Soundcloud

3. Grab a *free* PDF of Greatly Exaggerated

4. And of course, buy The News We Deserve, read it, and scream “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore” from the (browser) window.