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New Books: Loitersack and Whose Culture Is It, Anyway?


It’s been a trying couple of months at New Star World HQ, but out of the ashes, like some kind of mythical bird, now rise two excellent new books, with a third and fourth to follow hot on their heels.

The cover for LoitersackLoitersack, the new book from Donato Mancini, is sure to land in the world of poetry and poetics like a certain Russian beverage. Loitersack is in some senses a “commonplace book,” in others the poet’s personal book of critical reflections. This is Mancini’s first book to include a neo-absurdist one-act play (THEQRY), but like all Mancini’s work, Loitersack is wired for explosive laughter.

Whose CultureWhose Culture Is It, Anyway?: Community Engagement in Small Cities, edited by W.F. Garrett-Petts, James Hoffman, and Ginnny Ratsoy, focuses on community–engagement in the arts in small cities, and is a major contribution to the growing body of literature on the special character and value of small cities, especially aspects of their unique culture. It features contributions by Bruce Baugh, bill bissett, Ila Crawford, Nancy Duxbury, Alexander Forbes, Kathleen Irwin, Terry Kading & Christopher Walmsley, Caffyn Kelley, Ernie Kroeger, Lucy Lippard, Adelheid Mers, Judith Miller, Bernard Momer, Maureen F. Rogers & Barry P. Brockley, Si Transken, and Savannah Walling.

At the end of the month look for Greatly Exaggerated: The Myth of the Death of Newspapers, by Marc Edge, and Around the World on Minimum Wage, by Andrew Struthers. Greatly Exaggerated explodes the ubiquitous doomsaying about the print newspaper business; we hope it sparks heated debate in Canada and the US about the impact of “financialization” on journalism. Around the World on Minimum Wage is a gorgeous travel memoir stuffed with illustrations, jokes, and the author’s reflections from a peripatetic life. Perfect for lounging beside a safe, contained holiday fire.