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Absolutely Free: Spring ’18 Catalogue


This coming Mother’s Day will see the release of a long-simmering project here at New Star World HQ, one that’s hopped from burner to burner over the past 15 years and is now seasoned to perfection: The Big Note: A Guide to the Recordings of Frank Zappa, by Charles Ulrich, will be available on May 13th. Based on hundreds of interviews, letters, and e-mail correspondences with scores of musicians, singers, engineers, artists, copyists, and others who worked with Zappa, The Big Note provides the liner notes that every album in the protean and prolific composer’s oeuvre cries out for. Featuring 100 albums recorded over 35 years and the 80+ players on them, with each one of 1,772 tracks described in detail, backed up by 1,424 citations, it is the indispensible resource for any FZ fan or scholar.

We are also delighted to announce a project that’s been in the works even longer, under the guise of several decades of friendship and poetic explorations: Some End / West Broadway by George Bowering / George Stanley is a two-sided double-covered “tumble book” (our second in a year!) featuring a short book of poems by each of the esteemed authors and long-time friends. Some End / West Broadway will be out on February 14. Learn about it in the Georges’ own words here.

And finally, the first day of summer is always an occasion to celebrate, but especially in 2018 when it coincides with if wants to be the same as is: Essential Poems of David Bromige (previously announced for Spring ’17). This large volume drawn from 22 books published during Bromige’s lifetime presents a life’s work that is, In the words of Bob Perelman, “beautiful, deeply amusing, continually surprising.”