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Spring 2013 catalogue available for download


nsb-2013-1-spring-catalogue-3DsNew Star’s Spring 2013 catalogue, listing forthcoming and recent books, has been posted to the New Star website and is available for downloading and viewing here. It won’t be printed out and mailed, as in the past; we phased our print catalogue out in 2011. Highlighting our Spring ’13 list:

  • Mac-Pap: Memoir of a Canadian in the Spanish Civil War, by Ronald Liversedge. Liversedge’s account of his time as a soldier in the Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion fell victim to publishing politics and never saw light of day when it was written in the 1960s. A key source for other books about the role Canadians played in the Spanish Civil War, it is now published for the first time.

The catalogue was produced (like our website) with the technical assistance of Rayola Creative and Clint Hutzulak, who also provided the cover design and the French-style cover placeholders for the new books (while the actual covers are being formulated in the Secret Laboratory). However, Clint is in no way responsible for the kloodgy, print-era aspects of the e-catalogue. In fact, he is urging certain enhancements to take full advantage of the boundless constraints of the e-format, enhancements we expect to be rolling out in future iterations of the catalogue.