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UPDATED: Positively 4th Avenue: Andrew Struthers at Banyen Books and Salt Spring Island


Victorian writer and filmmaker Andrew Struthers (The Sacred Herb/The Devil’s Weed, Around The World On Minimum Wage, &c., &c.) is back in Vancouver for a reading and greeting at Banyen Books in fabled Kitsilano on Thursday, November 23. There will be two showings of Dr. Struthers’s strange and disturbing presentation, at 6:30 and 8 p.m. You will find it well worth the price of admission, which is nil.

Here’s Banyen’s own page about this event.

Mr. Struthers takes advantage of a lay-over on Salt Spring Island on his return journey, with a lecture at Leaf Compassion, #105-109 McPhillips Avenue right in the heart of vibrant downtown Salt Spring.  Seven-ish?  Maybe later, d00d.  If you do show up a little early, there’s Salt Spring Books right across the street, and they do have copies.

The Sacred Herb/The Devil’s Weed is an unfairly balanced look at all the whole marijuana hoo-ha. The author’s previous book, Around the World On Minimum Wage, an inner travelogue about his youthtime voyages to parts unknowable, will surely also be available for perusal.