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New Star Review of Reviews: A roundup of write-ups re: our recent releases


George Stanley, After Desire, Mark MushetTom Sandborn really, really likes After Desire by George Stanley, and says so to anybody who’ll listen, in the Vancouver Sun … BC Studies has published reviews of Gardens Aflame by Maleea Acker, Stranger on a Strange Island by Grant Buday, and City of Love and Revolution by Lawrence Aronsen. Aronsen’s study of Vancouver’s “summer of love” is reviewed in the Autumn 2012 issue of Canadian Literature.

Gardens Aflame, about the Garry oak ecosystem, is also generating some internet attention. Here’s Amy Reiswig‘s review in Focus Online. Here’s Steven Hume‘s year-end Vancouver Sun round-up of memorable 2012 BC books, including Maleea’s. Here’s UVic professor Richard Pickard‘s review on his website, bookaddiction. Here’s Stefanie Brook Trout‘s review, Eden From the Ashes, on Flyway, an on-line journal of writing and the environment. And here’s a link to Seattle poet/critic Paul Nelson‘s poem, “Hold the House Sparrow,” inspired by Maleea’s book.

The current issue of the journal Canadian Poetry has Gregory Betts‘s long and thoughtful take on two New Star titles (along with one by derek beaulieu), Buffet World by Donato Mancini, and Mannequin Rising by Roy Miki. No sign of the Betts review on-line, but Meredith Quartermain‘s review of the same two New Star titles, along with a third, Robin Blaser by Stan Persky & Brian Fawcett, appears in the Winter 2012 issue of Canadian Literature, right here.

In The Bull Calf, Gilliam Wigmore writes about Barry McKinnon‘s In the Millennium. Crystal Hurdle‘s review of In the Millennium appears in the Spring 2012 issue of Canadian Literature.