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Scenes from a birthday party


Canadian literary giant George Bowering celebrated his 77th birthday on Saturday, December 1 by simultaneously launching two brand new books at the People’s Co-op Bookstore in Vancouver.

From Words, Words, Words, a volume of essays and memoirs published by New Star Books, Bowering read part of a longer piece about the e-scatological nature of bpNicol’s Martyrology. And from Pinboy, his fictional memoir published by Cormorant Books, Bowering read a story about an Okanagan teenager having a hard time keeping all his emotions in check in the presence of a hot older (but still, young) teacher.

The evening featured more than one highlight, including but not limited to the spectacular birthday cake, and a surprise visit from Co-op Bookstore neighour Lionel Kearns, who dropped in for an impromptu TISH editorial meeting.

Try eating this with a Kindle. Black Rook's George birthday cake.

At 77, George has to pay close attention the nutritional information labels. "O .. . val .. . tine!"

Original TISH: Lionel Kearns shoots the breeze with a couple of Poets-Laureate of Canada chums, George B. (past) and Fred Wah (present).