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Seize the Time: Sample it now!


Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, from Seize the TimeTo stoke your appetite for the upcoming release of Seize the Time: Vancouver Photographed, 1967 – 1974, by Vladimir Keremidschieff, we’re delighted to offer a sample PDF of 21 images from the forthcoming book. Within are Keremidschieff’s powerful black-and-white photographs of the North Shore mudflats, naked hippies, Black Panther supporters, Janis Joplin, the guy that many old-timers still think of as Jethro Tull himself (that’s him in the pic), and a whole lot more: just a small taste of the radical — and radically different — Vancouver of 40-odd years ago.

Seize the Time  includes 100 photos of Vancouver from back when the mayor was more likely to bust hippie skulls than build bike lanes, Kits was the epicentre of west coast counterculture rather than the billion-dollar yoga pants market, and the main obstacle to a protest march down Hastings wasn’t pissed-off drivers, but Yippies trying to levitate the police station.

Vladimir Keremidschieff sets the table with a short introduction to the book, and Jamie Reid (front man for Vancouver’s first Easter Be-In) provides an afterword providing contemporary readers with some I-was-there background to the historical period documented by Vlad’s photos. Seize the Time goes on sale in late October.

Vladimir grew up in Vancouver but decamped in 1974 and now lives in Australia. He will be back in Vancouver for the book’s launch on November 1 at the Commercial Street Cafe. Starting late October, Commercial Street Cafe will feature a selection of prints from Seize the Time. The prints will be available for sale. Further details to come.