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A Series of Dogs on the Leacock longlist


John Armstrong‘s A Series of Dogs, was announced in late April as one of nine books longlisted for the 2017 Stephen Leacock Medal, a prize, albeit named after a banker, for the funniest Canadian book of the previous year.   (Just as we were going to WordPress, we learned that Dogs had not made it on through to the three-book June 10 run-off.)

A Series of Dogs, released in November, tells of the dogs that have accompanied the punk musician-now-writer in his road through heedless youth, responsible maturity, and recently, reflective middle age.

Another dog in the fight (nine on the longlist, and one of three that made it through) is another New Star author, Gary Barwin, for his Big Five-published Yiddish For Pirates, which is differently funny from his 2011 collaboration Franzlations, maybe not as Kafkaesque.  Go, Gary!