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Spring 2015 Catalogue now available!


NSB Catalogue Spring 2015Our newest catalogue is available to view and download. It includes updated ordering info, a plethora of hyperlinks, a striking illustrated cover by our go-to graphic guru Oliver McPartlin, and oh yeah, three new books!

The World I Guess is the newest poetry collection from George Bowering, a man who needs no introduction (but here’s a good place to start). This is Bowering’s 36th book of poetry, a remarkable fact that becomes astonishing when you realize his consistently high quality over the years.

The centrepiece of the six sections that compose The World, I Guess is “The Flood,” a long, complex, discursive poem. The book ends with a suite of “translations” of the “modern” Canadian poetry canon, from Charles G.D. Roberts and Archibald Lampman to Irving Layton and Phyllis Webb.

Dance Moves of the Near Future is a collection of short fiction from Tim Conley, author or editor of several previous books of poetry, stories, and etc. The 24 stories veer from batshit insanity to quiet realism; they’re by turns hilarious, disturbing, and moving. From Dance Moves of the Near Future‘s eponymous story:

The Malnutrition
This one is pure sympathetic magic – it’s all about the sympathy. Let the world see you know their hunger, how they transcend the hunger, how they refuse to be eaten by hunger. Eat the hunger, digest yourself, saying: there’s more where that came from! Yes, I will have another! The mouth is naturally a big part of this one but it’s not everything. Tight action, stay close to yourself. It’s not about flaunting. The world is poisoning you but you can take it. Wind down but do not collapse, do not flop. Refuse to be eaten.

Greatly Exaggerated: The Myth of the Death of Newspapers by Marc Edge was a late drop-in to our Fall list, and set an in-house production speed record: less than eight weeks from receiving the complete manuscript to books in the warehouse. Greatly Exaggerated marshals extensive research, compelling stories and history, and incisive, often biting critique to support a controversial argument: despite all the doom-and-gloom of recent years, newspapering remains an inherently profitable business and is in no danger of collapsing.

Greatly Exaggerated is also available as an ebook: Get an epub or Kindle-compatible ebook free from BitLit if you own the print version, or buy the epub from Kobo for over 50% off the print price.