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Some End / West Broadway launch and appearance at Galiano Literary Festival


Left:  George Bowering;  Right:  George Stanley


George Stanley and George Bowering, co-authors of New Star’s forthcoming book Some End / West Broadway, will feature in the annual Galiano Literary Festival from 23-25 February this year.  The festival has been around for nine years, and features talks, book signings, and writing workshops by some of the best Canadian authors, all on the beautiful Galiano Island.  Both Stanley and Bowering have participated in the festival before, and the festival has hosted Bowering so many times that he is practically a regular feature.

You can see the pair at 1:40 p.m. on Sunday, 25 February, at the Galiano Oceanfront Inn.

The festival also published a  featured author interview with George Bowering, conducted by Kris Krüg As of now, you can still buy tickets to the festival here.

The pair’s latest work is a masterpiece of late style and friendship.  Some End / West Broadway combines back-to-back two powerful new works by old masters, George Bowering and George Stanley.  New Star Books will release the title on 14 February of this year.

The cover shows the two panels from Jack Shadbolt’s 1993 dyptich EncounterIt is reproduced courtesy of SFU Galleries, where the original painting is housed.