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West of Charles St. :: George Stanley at Johns Hopkins


North of California St. coverGeorge Stanley visits the East coast of his nation of origin next month to take part in the Poetry at Hopkins English reading series at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Stanley and Kevin Killian, the San Francisco-based poet, novelist, playwright, art critic, and scholar, will be reading on April 3rd and “In Conversation” on April 4th. The events are co-sponsored by JHU’s Program in Women, Gender and Sexuality; all the details are available here.

Stanley’s most recent book, North of California St., was recently highlighted by George Fetherling in the Vancouver Sun as one of “Three BC collections that stand out.” Says Fetherling: “North of California St. is a rich selection … with an incisive introduction by the poet Sharon Thesen. His poems are often like slide shows, kaleidoscopic and discontinuous … At times he rises to great beauty.”

More reviews/response to North of California St. are collected elsewhere on this blog, including the lament (from the introduction to 2003’s A Tall, Serious Girl) that “Stanley’s work has been, in effect, excluded from the canon of ‘vanguard’ American poetry, and from the odd process by which the poems of a small percentage of poets become accessible in the wider world of classrooms and far-flung literary scenes.” Here’s hoping this appearance at such an august institution some 4,000 km away goes some small distance to correcting the oversight.