New Star Blogs

A smoking heap of radioactive rubble


New Star’s Site C main serv­er, Novem­ber 29, 2012, before the melt­down. Pho­to: Eric E. John­son / Kono­mark


Reg­u­lar read­ers and web crawlers may notice a cer­tain sud­den um absence in this blog space. It’s almost as if noth­ing has been added to it since the first few days of Octo­ber, two months ago. Nev­er mind.

Some­thing about need­ing a new asphyx­i­a­tor or some­such. The part they sent was the wrong mod­el num­ber; we’ll have to wait until Tues­day now. “You shoul­da had that looked at before it went.”

Nev­er again, he swore to him­self, and not for the last time either.