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Collapsible: The Ontario Tour


Col­lapsi­ble is now in book­stores and cir­cu­lat­ing through the cos­mos. The short sto­ry form is unam­bigu­ous­ly un–dead in this new album of thir­ty fic­tions from Tim Con­ley, com­ing at the read­er in a vari­ety of shapes and guis­es run­ning the gamut from ellip­ti­cal micro–fictions to tales of the inex­plic­a­ble.

Catch Tim Con­ley thrice in Ontario this month where he’ll be read­ing with oth­er fic­tion authors who are launch­ing their lat­est books as well.

First stop is Kingston, ON, for a group launch at Nov­el Idea, with Amy Spur­way (Crow), Vic­to­ria Het­her­ing­ton (Moon­calves) and Scott Fother­ing­ham, (The Rest is Silent).

The very next evening Tim and friends will check in with the fine folks at The Book­shelf, and final­ly, in Toron­to on Sun­day April 29th, Tim will be part of Junc­tion reads — a fic­tion-only read­ing series.

What the experts are say­ing:

“In this wit­ty and dynam­ic new col­lec­tion, Tim Con­ley shows us how real­i­ty, the sto­ry, and the human are a sin­gle mar­vel­lous­ly entan­gled sur­face. Like a Moe­bius Strip, with all our sur­prise end­ings, para­dox­es, mys­ter­ies, ambi­gu­i­ties, come­dies, inge­nu­ity and inven­tion, we are our sto­ries and our sto­ries are us. In the tra­di­tion of Calvi­no, Lydia Davis, Borges and Kaf­ka, these short fic­tions explore the strange­ness, curios­i­ty, beau­ty, con­tra­dic­tion, humour and delight­ful dis­com­bob­u­la­tion of being alive and of being alive to the telling tale.”

— Gary Bar­win, author of Yid­dish for Pirates, win­ner, Stephen Lea­cock Medal, Cana­di­an Jew­ish Lit­er­ary Award, and final­ist for the Governor–General’s Lit­er­ary Award and the Sco­tia­bank Giller prize.

Tim Conley’s Sto­ries Chal­lenge You to Dig Deep­er:

“This adven­tur­ous spir­it is some­thing Con­ley embraces in Col­lapsi­ble: some entries in the col­lec­tion are straight­for­ward and real­is­tic, but many play with your assump­tions and per­cep­tion. Some are sur­re­al for­ays into fan­tas­ti­cal sce­nar­ios — on the sur­face, at least. But Con­ley excels at blur­ring the line between the real­i­ty of the sit­u­a­tion and the wool drawn over our eyes by nar­ra­tors with skewed world­views, or ulte­ri­or motives.”
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If you don’t find Col­lapsi­ble in your local book­store, just ask for it by name. This is the 21st cen­tu­ry. I’m sure some­one will be able to help you order this excit­ing new fic­tion col­lec­tion, regard­less of where you are in our vast coun­try.