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The “Event Horizon Before an Orgasm” :: Donato Mancini News + Events


The cover for LoitersackDona­to Manci­ni, the hard­est work­ing loi­ter­sack in poet­ry, fresh off suc­cess­ful events in DC and NYC, is enroute to Seat­tle to speak to a class at Seat­tle Uni­ver­si­ty and read at a book launch:

Sat­ur­day May 23, gallery 1412, with Sarah Dowl­ing and Maged Zaher (fb link)

It appears peo­ple are wrap­ping their heads around his sin­gu­lar brand of poet­ry, poet­ics, the­o­ry, the­o­ry the­atre, and laugh par­ti­cles, as reports back from the swirling deeps of Loi­ter­sack are uni­form­ly glow­ing (and at times a touch baf­fled).

You can view “ABATTLEHORSEANUDEWOMANANDANANECDOTE” from Loi­ter­sack in its 20-page entire­ty at (the sad­ly-now-defunct-but-still-avail­able) Lemon­hound. Jonathan Ball at the Win­nipeg Free Press cel­e­brat­ed Nation­al Poet­ry Month with Loi­ter­sack and books by Kathryn Mock­ler, Gre­go­ry Betts, Mad­hur Anand, and Dami­an Rogers. The gang at CV2 said Loi­ter­sack “is like jump­ing into a pond of poet­ic intrigue. … The effect is just as per­plex­ing and just as thrilling as sit­ting down with the work of a well-loved schol­ar. The best part of Loi­ter­sack is that Dona­to Manci­ni makes it fun.” At City I Am, Kevin Spenst talks to Lucie Kra­j­cová about his new book Jab­ber­ing With Bing Bong and the wealth of poet­ic tal­ent in Van­cou­ver, and sin­gles out Manci­ni and Loi­ter­sack as “a work that com­bines humour and a hell of a lot of think­ing.

And final­ly, in advance of his appear­ance with Steve Zul­tan­s­ki at the Poet­ry Project last Mon­day, Har­ri­et excerpt­ed a few chunks of a long, fas­ci­nat­ing, oft-hilar­i­ous inter­view with Manci­ni by E Mar­tin Nolan at the Puri­tan, enti­tled “Put on Your Neg­a­tive Capa­bil­i­ty Hel­met and Go with It,” in which they dis­cuss Wal­ter Ben­jamin, the shared lan­guage of aes­thet­ic appre­ci­a­tion and con­do mar­ket­ing, “musi­cal archi­tec­ture,” the poet­ic influ­ence of The Exor­cist, the “event hori­zon before an orgasm,” and so, so much more. Before you decamp from what­ev­er “vor­tex of gen­tri­fi­ca­tion” you call home this May Two-Four week­end, we high­ly rec­om­mend load­ing it on your intel­li­gent tele­phone or print­ing it out and tuck­ing it in your box of Lucky Lager for an engross­ing, head-spin­ning read.