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Rua da Felicidade :: Montreal poet Ken Norris’s journey to the far, far West


9781554200689-voyage-3DKen Nor­ris, the New York-born Mon­tre­al writer long asso­ci­at­ed with the “Vehicule poets”, releas­es his new book this month from New Star Books, Rua da Feli­ci­dade.

Rua da Feli­ci­dade is an actu­al place, a “Street of Hap­pi­ness” in colo­nial Macau, where from the 1920s to the 1950s it was said that every desire could be ful­filled — for a price. It is a book writ­ten against the appro­pria­tive ges­ture, against the grain of what we too often believe we can pos­sess for a price. Instead, the book turns on the seams of its sig­na­tures, where the spine con­nects every­thing that came before to every­thing yet to come, where “When you reach the mid­dle / it is actu­al­ly clos­er to the end.” It is a book in which we lose our­selves in lan­guage, where the poet “writes / a poem so inti­mate / he dis­solves / into the ink and paper.”

Rua da Feli­ci­dade is on sale now at Archam­bault in Mon­tre­al, Book­mark in PEI and New Brunswick,  Bryan Prince in Hamil­ton, People’s Co-op Book­store in Van­cou­ver, Per­fect Books in Ottawa, as well as from,, and New Star’s own web­site.