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George Stanley: Rave for ‘After Desire’ in Saturday’s ‘Sun’; launch this Friday


George Stan­ley’s new book After Desire was the sub­ject of a glow­ing review in last Saturday’s Van­cou­ver Sun. You can read it here, unless it’s caught behind the paper‘s pay­wall.

Photo by Mark MushetAfter lament­ing the dimin­ished role of poet­ry in today’s cul­ture, Tom Sand­born calls After Desireaus­tere­ly musi­cal” and a “small mas­ter­piece.” Stan­ley writes with “lap­idary pre­ci­sion, craft­ing poems that give a shape­ly, utter­ly dis­tinc­tive voice to the work­ings of a remark­able mind and sen­si­bil­i­ty.” And in case you’re not yet per­suad­ed that poet­ry deserves to re-emerge from the cul­tur­al mar­gins, “George Stan­ley demon­strates that it can still be a pow­er­ful, mov­ing expe­ri­ence for the read­er and exercise for both the mind and the heart.” We couldn’t agree more.

The book launch for After Desire takes place this com­ing Fri­day, May 31, at the Com­mer­cial St. Cafe at 20th & Com­mer­cial. Admis­sion is free. The event gets under­way at 8 pm.