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Vic­to­ria writer and film­makar Andrew Struthers will be in Van­cou­ver on Fri­day, June 2, wav­ing copies of his new book The Sacred Herb / The Devil’s Weed at its Van­cou­ver launch, at the People’s Co-op Book­store.

This bal­anced look at dead­ly mar­i­jua­na, based on the author’s own exten­sive per­son­al expe­ri­ence of lis­ten­ing to tons of sto­ries about pot and read­ing a bunch of books on the sub­ject, was released on April 20, and to acclaim, too.

[A]n enter­tain­ing read with more seri­ous sub­stance to it than you might pre­dict,” quoth the Van­cou­ver Sun, while Victoria’s Focus mag­a­zine believes that The Sacred Herb/The Devil’s Weed is “no ston­er puff piece or sim­plis­tic “mar­i­jua­na good/marijuana bad” debate. In fact, the book’s flip-side struc­ture high­lights the incom­plete under­stand­ing that comes from such cut-and-dried dual­is­tic think­ing.”

Both review­ers imply, with­out actu­al­ly stat­ing, that the book is quite humor­ous as well.

At the launch, Andrew Struthers will be demon­strat­ing his amaz­ing pow­ers of mem­o­ry by read­ing a pas­sage from The Sacred Herb / The Devil’s Weed exact­ly as it was writ­ten!  Please join us around 8 pm Fri­day, June 2, at the People’s Num­ber One Book­store, 1391 Com­mer­cial Dri­ve.

Mean­while, copies can be pur­chased from Munro’s, Black Afg Bond, Spar­ta­cus Books, UBC Cen­tral, UVic Book­store, the People’s Co-op Book­storethe real Ama­zon, and maybe when the cat­e­go­ry buy­er returns from their smoke break and gets around to plac­ing the order, pos­si­bly even Chap­ters.