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Greetings from New Star Blogs, the New Star Books weblog


Wel­come to New Star Blogs, the weblog asso­ci­at­ed with Along with the web­site devel­op­ments that we’re rolling out this sum­mer, New Star Blogs has been in the works for a while — are peo­ple even still blog­ging? (“Yes, Rolf, peo­ple are still blog­ging.”) We’ll be using this blog to update you on events per­tain­ing to New Star, its books and its authors. New & recent­ly announced books, obvi­ous­ly; author events, reviews, &c.

Stay tuned also for guest posts from New Star authors and friends, who we hope to per­suade to con­tribute entries about their own cur­rent projects or mag­gots.

Many thanks to to Clint Hutzu­lak, pro­pri­etor of Ray­ola Cre­ative and the research lab­o­ra­to­ries of, whose site design is a refresh­ing on-devel­op­ment of his orig­i­nal stur­dy design which has served well since 2008; and to Mado­ka Hara, who per­formed the many hours of hid­den work that makes the site not just look good, but actu­al­ly work — which is more impor­tant, in the scheme of things. David Hath­away, kite fly­er supreme (no, I’m not say­ing you should not accept a cheque from this man) and New Star’s com­put­er tech guy, also spent con­sid­er­able time on this site, scratch­ing his head & writ­ing & test­ing & writ­ing & test­ing scripts for upload­ing data.

Let us take a moment to acknowl­edge the oth­er big source of sup­port for this web­site and the books and authors it presents: the Cana­di­an cit­i­zen who pays tax­es. None of what you see on this web­site would exist with­out the com­mit­ment of suc­ces­sive gen­er­a­tions of Cana­di­ans to sup­port the arts. This here web­site and blog will keep you informed about how New Star Books is spend­ing its share of that leg­endary annu­al latte’s worth of tax fund­ing per head.

While no direct pub­lish­ing fund­ing has gone into this web­site enhance­ment (though its orig­i­nal iter­a­tion five years ago was part­ly fund­ed by a grant from the Cana­da Coun­cil), New Star Books receives sup­port from the Cana­da Coun­cil for the Arts, the BC Arts Coun­cil, the Cana­da Book Fund, and the British Colum­bia Book Tax Cred­it, and this sup­port is grate­ful­ly acknowl­edged.