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November novelties: Anarchy explained; new books from Moure & Thesen


Three new books from New Star are reach­ing book­stores this month:

Anar­chy Explained to My Father, by Fran­cis Dupuis-Déri and Thomas Déri, intro­duces the read­er to the basic con­cepts of anar­chist thought, set­ting out the fea­tures which gives it such res­o­nance today.  Writ­ten in the form of a dia­logue, Anar­chy Explained to My Father is both a brac­ing and inspir­ing mes­sage as well as an up-to-date source­book on anar­chism.

This book should be read by any­one who won­ders what anar­chism is, what it can be, and how we work towards it.” — Mark Leier, author of Bakunin: The Cre­ative Pas­sion and Rebel Life.  “A bril­liant explo­ration of a com­plex top­ic .. . a beau­ti­ful intro­duc­tion to anar­chy.” — Les Mécon­nus

Orig­i­nal­ly pub­lished in 2014 as L’Anarchie expliquée à mon père by Lux Edi­teur, Anar­chy Explained to My Father is trans­lat­ed by John Gilmore.

Mon­tre­al-based poet/translator/critic Erin Moure’s mem­oir Sit­ting Shi­va on Minto Avenue, by Toots is a work­ing of mourn­ing and mem­o­ry.  At its cen­tre is an old friend, for­mer lover, the remem­brance of whom recre­ates long-ago worlds in Van­cou­ver and Mon­tre­al.  Watch for a cameo appear­ance by our cur­rent prime minister’s grand­fa­ther.

The Receiv­er is Sharon The­sen’s first book since Oya­ma Pink Shale in 2011, and marks both a con­ti­na­tion and a depar­ture for the Prince-Geor­geois, now Okana­gan-based poet.  Along with the wry lyri­cal work she is known for, The Receiv­er also encom­pass­es auto­bi­o­graph­i­cal prose, sharp crit­i­cism, and found poet­ry that is both unset­tling and hilar­i­ous.