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Mudflat Dreaming in the headlines


Jean Walton’s Mud­flat Dream­ing has been get­ting some buzz as of late.

In a recent inter­view on the Com­men­tary with Joseph Plan­ta, the author revealed insight into why she had to tell the sto­ry of these com­mu­ni­ties: “I want­ed to write some­thing that would take me back to that peri­od of the 1970s in the sub­urb of Van­cou­ver (Sur­rey) and when I was doing that I came across these films that were just gems of win­dows into that peri­od of time.”

In addi­tion to describ­ing Mud­flat Dream­ing as “a beau­ti­ful book,” com­mend­ing the author on her abil­i­ty to draw out the emo­tion­al real­ism of that time, Plan­ta praised Wal­ton for “evok­ing nos­tal­gia, even the pain of nos­tal­gia some­times that one feels towards a place that is famil­iar to them.”  Plan­ta described the book in his intro­duc­tion to their chat as “[o]ne of the more fas­ci­nat­ing books out now”.

Have a lis­ten at the entire inter­view here.

The Geor­gia Straight recent­ly pub­lished an excerpt of the book on their web­site which has been gar­ner­ing a lot of atten­tion from those curi­ous at see­ing Van­cou­ver in 1970 as it relates to this country’s ongo­ing hous­ing cri­sis in the present.

And one more nod came with a men­tion in the Talk of the Town sec­tion of the Van­cou­ver Sun about her recent launch. It’s quite impres­sive how long the author had been work­ing on the book pri­or to pub­li­ca­tion and we can’t wait to see what 2019 brings Jean and Mud­flat Dream­ing when she returns for more events.