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New Books: Loitersack and Whose Culture Is It, Anyway?


It’s been a try­ing cou­ple of months at New Star World HQ, but out of the ash­es, like some kind of myth­i­cal bird, now rise two excel­lent new books, with a third and fourth to fol­low hot on their heels.

The cover for LoitersackLoi­ter­sack, the new book from Dona­to Manci­ni, is sure to land in the world of poet­ry and poet­ics like a cer­tain Russ­ian bev­er­age. Loi­ter­sack is in some sens­es a “com­mon­place book,” in oth­ers the poet’s per­son­al book of crit­i­cal reflec­tions. This is Mancini’s first book to include a neo-absur­dist one-act play (THEQRY), but like all Mancini’s work, Loi­ter­sack is wired for explo­sive laugh­ter.

Whose CultureWhose Cul­ture Is It, Any­way?: Com­mu­ni­ty Engage­ment in Small Cities, edit­ed by W.F. Gar­rett-Petts, James Hoff­man, and Ginnny Rat­soy, focus­es on com­mu­ni­ty-engage­ment in the arts in small cities, and is a major con­tri­bu­tion to the grow­ing body of lit­er­a­ture on the spe­cial char­ac­ter and val­ue of small cities, espe­cial­ly aspects of their unique cul­ture. It fea­tures con­tri­bu­tions by Bruce Baugh, bill bis­sett, Ila Craw­ford, Nan­cy Duxbury, Alexan­der Forbes, Kath­leen Irwin, Ter­ry Kad­ing & Christo­pher Walm­s­ley, Caffyn Kel­ley, Ernie Kroeger, Lucy Lip­pard, Adel­heid Mers, Judith Miller, Bernard Momer, Mau­reen F. Rogers & Bar­ry P. Brock­ley, Si Transken, and Savan­nah Walling.

At the end of the month look for Great­ly Exag­ger­at­ed: The Myth of the Death of News­pa­pers, by Marc Edge, and Around the World on Min­i­mum Wage, by Andrew Struthers. Great­ly Exag­ger­at­ed explodes the ubiq­ui­tous doom­say­ing about the print news­pa­per busi­ness; we hope it sparks heat­ed debate in Cana­da and the US about the impact of “finan­cial­iza­tion” on jour­nal­ism. Around the World on Min­i­mum Wage is a gor­geous trav­el mem­oir stuffed with illus­tra­tions, jokes, and the author’s reflec­tions from a peri­patet­ic life. Per­fect for loung­ing beside a safe, con­tained hol­i­day fire.