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Seize the Time: Sample it now!


Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, from Seize the TimeTo stoke your appetite for the upcom­ing release of Seize the Time: Van­cou­ver Pho­tographed, 1967 — 1974, by Vladimir Keremid­schi­eff, we’re delight­ed to offer a sam­ple PDF of 21 images from the forth­com­ing book. With­in are Keremidschieff’s pow­er­ful black-and-white pho­tographs of the North Shore mud­flats, naked hip­pies, Black Pan­ther sup­port­ers, Janis Joplin, the guy that many old-timers still think of as Jethro Tull him­self (that’s him in the pic), and a whole lot more: just a small taste of the rad­i­cal — and rad­i­cal­ly dif­fer­ent — Van­cou­ver of 40-odd years ago.

Seize the Time  includes 100 pho­tos of Van­cou­ver from back when the may­or was more like­ly to bust hip­pie skulls than build bike lanes, Kits was the epi­cen­tre of west coast coun­ter­cul­ture rather than the bil­lion-dol­lar yoga pants mar­ket, and the main obsta­cle to a protest march down Hast­ings wasn’t pissed-off dri­vers, but Yip­pies try­ing to lev­i­tate the police sta­tion.

Vladimir Keremid­schi­eff sets the table with a short intro­duc­tion to the book, and Jamie Reid (front man for Vancouver’s first East­er Be-In) pro­vides an after­word pro­vid­ing con­tem­po­rary read­ers with some I-was-there back­ground to the his­tor­i­cal peri­od doc­u­ment­ed by Vlad’s pho­tos. Seize the Time goes on sale in late Octo­ber.

Vladimir grew up in Van­cou­ver but decamped in 1974 and now lives in Aus­tralia. He will be back in Van­cou­ver for the book’s launch on Novem­ber 1 at the Com­mer­cial Street Cafe. Start­ing late Octo­ber, Com­mer­cial Street Cafe will fea­ture a selec­tion of prints from Seize the Time. The prints will be avail­able for sale. Fur­ther details to come.