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Sharon Thesen & Erin Moure at the People’s Co-op Bookstore Thursday, November 16










Sharon The­sen and Erin Moure will be in Van­cou­ver to launch their newest books this Thurs­day, Novem­ber 16, at the People’s Co-op Book­store, 1391 Com­mer­cial Dri­ve in Van­cou­ver.

Mon­tre­al-based poet, trans­la­tor and essay­ist Erin Moure lived in Van­cou­ver for sev­er­al years in the ear­ly 1980s, and her new prose work Sit­ting Shi­va on Minto Avenue, by Toots is her remem­brance of that time, of her friend and lover “the lit­tle man”, of the trains where they both worked, and of neigh­bour­hoods in — Mon­tre­al and Van­cou­ver — where the recalled events took place.

Born and raised in Prince George, now estab­lished in Lake Coun­try in the Okana­gan, Sharon The­sen returns to Van­cou­ver where she lived for some years to launch The Receiv­er, a book about what you can pick up by lis­ten­ing.  The Receiv­er fea­tures the obser­vant lyri­cal verse The­sen is known for along­side var­i­ous kinds of prose, and cul­mi­nates in a crit­i­cal essay fol­lowed by a remark­able found poem both com­ing out of the poet’s work with Frances Bolder­eff.

Please join Sharon and Erin for brief read­ings, fol­lowed and pre­ceed­ed by light refresh­ments.  The launch gets under­way at 7, and admis­sion is free.