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Soviet Princeton authors to paint Vancouver Island red


Soviet Princeton Vancouver Island tour posterRead­ers of Van­cou­ver & Island (and Gabri­o­la), unite: the authors of Sovi­et Prince­ton: Slim Evans and the 1932–33 Min­ers’ Strike will soon be cross­ing the Sal­ish Sea (in a union-crewed fer­ry) to share with you the sto­ry of anti-Com­mu­nist hys­te­ria in Depres­sion-era BC.

Jon Bartlett and Rika Rueb­saat will share pho­tos, talk about the incred­i­ble events depict­ed in the book — beat­ings, kid­nap­pings, burn­ing cross­es, police vio­lence against strik­ing min­ers, all occa­sioned by coal min­ers sim­ply demand­ing that the mine own­ers ful­fill their promis­es — and like­ly sing a few tunes from the era. (As well as the authors, the pair are musi­col­o­gists and folk singers). You can check out Jon and Rika’s web­site for sam­ples of their songs, or read their Van­cou­ver Sun inter­view about Sovi­et Prince­ton. Dates and loca­tions as fol­lows:

Fri­day, Jan 22nd
Cum­ber­land: Cum­ber­land Muse­um & Archives2680 Dun­smuir Ave, 6:00 pm

Sun­day, Jan. 24th
Gabri­o­la Island: Gabri­o­la Muse­um, 505 South Rd, after the AGM, which starts at 2:00 pm

Mon­day, Jan. 25th
Vic­to­ria: Camo­sun Col­lege, Lans­downe Cam­pus,  Wilna Thomas Build­ing Rm. 226, 12:30 pm

Mon­day, Jan. 25th
Nanaimo: Nanaimo Pub­lic Library (Har­bourfront Branch), 90 Com­mer­cial St, 6:00 pm