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Spring 2020 :: New books from Sharon Kirsch and Louis Cabri


New Star’s Winter/Spring 2020 cat­a­logue has been released into the world, and with it, announce­ments of the two new titles we’re work­ing on for Spring 2020 release.


The Smallest Objective, by Sharon Kirsch


When her moth­er leaves her home of fifty years to move into a care facil­i­ty, it is the author’s respon­si­bil­i­ty to sort out the accu­mu­la­tion of fam­i­ly memen­tos. Most imme­di­ate­ly press­ing is the solu­tion to an old fam­i­ly mys­tery: what is her father sup­posed to have con­cealed beneath her par­ents’ bed­room floor?

It is the more mun­dane objects that Kirsch unearths — an old micro­scope, a bun­dle of post­cards, an enve­lope of yel­low­ing news­pa­per clip­pings — that open win­dows onto her family’s past, but also, more gen­er­al­ly, onto mid-cen­tu­ry Mon­tre­al, and that city’s Jew­ish com­mu­ni­ty. In The Small­est Objec­tive, Sharon Kirsch tells the sto­ry of her grand­fa­ther Simon Kirsch, an ide­al­is­tic young botanist at McGill who turns lat­er in life to prop­er­ty devel­op­ment; of Jock­ey Flem­ing, the uncle manque who hid his ori­gins to play a role as one of Montreal’s great colour­ful char­ac­ters when it was still unri­valled as the largest city in Cana­da; of Kirsch’s aunt, whose ear­ly death dur­ing Expo year tore a jagged hole into the author’s mother’s life.

The Small­est Objec­tive is a sto­ry about the death of a par­ent, and of the author’s account of this pas­sage in life; but it is also a sto­ry about mid-cen­tu­ry Mon­tre­al, and how the sub­tle anti-semi­tism of a cou­ple of gen­er­a­tions ago has shaped a family’s his­to­ry.

Sharon Kirsch is the author of What Species of Crea­tures. She lives in Toron­to. The Small­est Objec­tive is avail­able April 24.


Hungry Sling Shots, by Louis Cabri


A new col­lec­tion of poems, or maybe they are per­for­mance scripts, from one of Canada’s most orig­i­nal and inno­v­a­tive poets, the Ottawa-raised, Wind­sor-res­i­dent Louis Cabri.

Cabri’s for­mal moves cre­ate par­al­lels between the lit­er­a­ture of a deca­dent French aris­toc­ra­cy and our own enter­tain­ments, and estab­lish­es a frame­work for a cri­tique of the cyn­i­cism and moral vacu­ity of a cul­tur­al dis­course that is shaped by, and behold­en to, con­tem­po­rary cap­i­tal­ism and the social rela­tions it engen­ders.

Cabri, who teach­es lit­er­a­ture at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Wind­sor, is the author of Posh Lust. Hun­gry Sling Shots will be pub­lished on April 24.