Paroled for Life by P.J. Murphy, Loyd Johnsen, Jennifer Murphy

Paroled for Life: Interviews With Parolees Serving Life Sentences

  • Non-Fiction
  • 236 pages, 5×8 inches
  • Price: $18 CAD · $18 USD
  • ISBN: 9780921586890
  • Date published: 2002-09-26
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About Paroled for Life

In 1976, Canada’s parliament set a new ten–year minimum sentence for second–degree murder. The sentence can, in fact, be set anywhere between ten and twenty–five years. Whatever the minimum, at some point those serving time will come up for parole. In this companion book to Life–25: Interviews with Prisoners Serving Life Sentences, eight men and one woman speak candidly about their experiences before and after their applications for parole. Whether they managed to "stay out" or have ended up "back in," the interviewees shed light on the realities facing parolees in the process of reintegration into the community.

About P.J. Murphy, Loyd Johnsen, Jennifer Murphy

P.J. Murphy and Loyd Johnsen co-authored Life-25: Interviews with Prisoners Serving Life Sentences and taught in the SFU Prison Education Program until it was cancelled in 1993. Murpby now teaches at the University College of the Cariboo. Johnsen is still teaching in the prison system. Jennifer Murphy is the co-author, along with P.J. Murphy, of Sentences and Paroles: A Prison Reader.

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