Maleea Acker

Maleea Acker

Maleea Acker lives in Saanich, BC, where she caused consternation to some of her neighbours in 2011 by transforming her yard into a small Garry Oak meadow.

Acker has worked in a variety of cultural, political and environmental areas, writing and designing for social and arts organizations and teaching poetry at Camosun College. Her first book,
The Reflecting Pool (poetry) was published by Pedlar Press in 2009. Her non-fiction and poetry has appeared in various journals and magazines in Canada and Mexico. She holds an MFA in Poetry from the University of Victoria.

Acker is a member of the Society of Environmental Journalists and has received awards and fellowships for her writing from granting agencies and arts residencies in Canada, the USA, Mexico and Spain.
Garden Aflame is Maleea Acker's first non-fiction book.

Books by Maleea Acker

Gardens Aflame by Maleea Acker