Daaku by Ranj Dhaliwal


  • Fiction
  • 312 pages, 5×8 inches
  • Price: $21 CAD · $21 USD
  • ISBN: 9781554200276
  • Date published: 2006-10-23
  • Availability: in print & available

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About Daaku

In the violent and ruthless world of Indo–Canadian gangs, Ruby Pandher is on his way up. A self–described daaku (Punjabi for outlaw), Ruby learns young that might, in the form of his drunken father's fists, is right, and that money is easier to steal than earn. Ruby's small–time scams reveal a knack for leadership and after his first stint in youth detention, the big–timers start to notice his potential.

Soon, Ruby is doing collections for Indo–Canadian drug dealers. Now "known to police," Ruby is drawn into a gang war just as he's trying to beat the rap on weapons charges and theft –– while simultaneously organizing a jailhouse smuggling ring. On the cusp of adulthood, and surrounded by Punjabi terrorists, bikers and Indo–Canadian gangsters, Ruby is drawn like a moth to the glamour of power, money, and drugs.

A story of betrayal, cold–blooded murder and the rise and eventual fall of one gangster, Daaku is a bullet–riddled grand tour of Indo–Canadian gangland.

"A fascinating look into the gang world's twisted morality, casual murder, commodification of women, and the inevitability of violent demise." ––– Quill & Quire

"A haunting parable about unfulfilled potential and lives wrongly lived. .. . an edgy, politically incorrect novel about South Asian youth and their vulnerability to organized crime, an issue treated far too simplistically by the mainstream media. Dhaliwal .. . has painted a grimly realistic portrait of the West Coast gangster life and the flash–and–burn trajectory of all those drawn into it." ––– The Tyee (www.thetyee.ca)

"An excellent novel about Indo–Canadian gangs. .. . A scary peek into a subculture about which we know nothing, a tour of Vancouver suburbs as alien as Mars, and Dhaliwal makes as believable as your own back yard." ––– Margaret Cannon, Globe & Mail

About Ranj Dhaliwal

Ranj Dhaliwal was raised in Surrey, British Columbia. While growing up he was exposed to the Indo–Canadian underworld and learned much about "the Game". "When I see Ruby," says the author, "I see a bit of myself."

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