Donato Mancini

Donato Mancini

The interdisciplinary practice of Donato Mancini focuses mainly on poetry, bookworks, text-based visual art and cultural criticism.

Two of his New Star books of procedural and visual writing,
Ligatures (2005) and Æthel (2007) were each nominated for the ReLit Award, and Ligatures received honourable mention in the Alcuin Society book design awards.

Mancini's collaborative visual works have been exhibited in Canada, the United States, Scandinavia and Cuba. Notable exhibitions include
Surveillance Sketch (Artspeak, Vancouver 2003), Untitled: Conversation Loops (The Western Front, Vancouver 2004; with Miguel da Conceicao, Jacob Gleeson, and Elisa Rathje) and Angels in the Angles (Gallery Atsui, Vancouver 2009; with Marina Roy and Christian Bök). He also co-directed the world's first genuine in-world avatar documentary AVATARA (Centre A, Vancouver 2003), now part of the Ubu Web international archive of experimental film and video. (

Long-time member of the Kootenay School of Writing, he was a principal organiser of the interdisciplinary N 49 15.832 - W 123 05.921 Positions Colloquium in August 2008. Other publications include
105 posbL resons 4t ;; of thot, an artist's book from BookThug (Toronto, 2010); Fact 'N' Value, a book edition from Fillip (Vancouver, 2011); Buffet World (New Star, 2010); You Must Work Harder to Write Poetry of Excellence (BookThug, 2012); as well as poetic and critical writings in publications such as The Capilano Review, Open Letter, West Coast Line, Rampike, W, The West Wind Review, Parser, ditch, Area Sneaks, Poetry is Dead and Against Expression: An Anthology of Conceptual Writing.

The Puritan's interview with Mancini here, and watch Mancini read from Buffet World below.

Books by Donato Mancini

Aethel by Donato Mancini Buffet World by Donato Mancini Loitersack by Donato Mancini