Captivity Tales by Elizabeth Hay

Captivity Tales: Canadians in New York

  • Non-Fiction
  • 154 pages, 6×9 inches
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  • ISBN: 9780921586326
  • Date published: 1993-01-01
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About Captivity Tales

This early non–fiction work by critically acclaimed novelist Elizabeth Hay displays the qualities that have resonated with readers ––– the pitch–perfect register of human psychology, the clear, unsentimental yet intimate sentences ––– in her bestselling novels, A Student of Weather, Garbo Laughs, Late Nights on Air, and Alone In the Classroom.

In Captivity Tales, stories of settlers kidnapped by Indians, are turned on their head in this book about captivity in the city. Stranded in New York with her family, Elizabeth Hay searches for company and finds it in the lives of other Canadians who have come to New York: Inuit visitors in th 19th century, artists like Michael Snow, Joyce Wieland, Glenn Gould and Teresa Stratas. In searching out their stories, she finds a new map, an underworld of memory and connection, which offers a way home. A fresh, engaging exploration of Canadian cultural identity, Captivity Tales evokes the desperate need to find yourself by losing yourself, and to return home by escaping from it.

About Elizabeth Hay

Giller Prize winner and multiple Governor–General's Award finalist Elizabeth Hay's other books include Along In the Classroom, Late Nights On Air, Garbo Laughs, A Student of Weather, Small Change, The Only Snow in Havana and Crossing the Snow Line. She lives in Ottawa.

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